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Selling my backup/travel Rockwell 6S.  Includes the Rockwell case.  I'm the 2nd owner and have only used the 2/4 baseplate.  I noticed that one side seemed to be smoother than the other on that baseplate and have no idea if this is true for the other two baseplates. 

Asking $55 which includes shipping and PayPal fees.  CONUS only please.

Willing to trade for a Karve Overlander stand or Chatillon Lux AS/Toners.  Any scent...including the ones that most didn't like Smile

[Image: VXzxRmC.jpg]

[Image: GGWJ777.jpg]

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That's a STEAL

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Thanks! The Overlander has become my new travel razor and I really need to clear out some room, so this one has to go

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Razor is SPF
Backup if it falls through...

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