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Hello everyone, up for sale is a beautiful shaving brush from Riva that was purchased about a month ago. This brush is like new with only 2 lathers in, I find the handle a bit big for my preference else I would keep it. I already own this exact knot in 2 different handles as I am a big fan of Riva brushes so hopefully someone can take this beauty off my hands. I paid $233 with shipping to US and am asking $170 with shipping CONUS only please! 

Specs from site are as follows: 
Handmade Shaving Brush Made in Italy
Knot: 26mm manchurian super high density bulb
Handle: Stabilized Mable Burl
Handle Max Diam. 44mm
Handle Length 67mm 
Brush Weight 100 grams

[Image: an16JNy.jpg][Image: NU7cvsq.jpg][Image: EFSVNNO.jpg][Image: BaQA5Rq.jpg][Image: VQEF01J.jpg]
That’s a very nice brush there!
Thanks Eric, it is a very nice handle with an amazing knot. If you haven't tried a Riva yet I highly recommend it. 

Have a great weekend,

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