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Although this looks great in Macro Pearl White, I can see the style being as nice in any other color. Gear Head Style Resin Shaving Brush Handle made with Macro Pearl White Resin. Drilled at 27mm to accommodate ant 24/26mm knot. Maggards 24mm 2 Band Badger shown (not included in price). This handle can be fitted with a knot of your choosing, when you purchase one and have it sent to me for installaion. I have included a link for viewing knots from Maggards. You can also have any other maker send me your knot and it will be installed at no cost. Or, buy it alone and do your own. 
More pictures and information with pricing here:

and here:


Knot choices from Maggards are here:

[Image: vZTZ5Et.jpg?1][Image: 49CtvaJ.jpg?1]

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