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                                                          Still have the PAL INJECTOR AVAILABLE
                                                            FOR $ 30 DELIVERED

Still Whittling down the herd !!

1)Three Injector Razors

Two E Types and a G Type
E5 5th variant, distinguishing feature is the redesign of the spring, tab is now centered to lock the spring in place
Made in Canada 1937
Canadian made versions all shave differently from their American counterparts being more aggressive
but much smoother than the E3
E6 6th variant, distinguishing feature is the addition of striations (grooves) on the guard to help stretch skin better.
The striations on the guard bar really do work as advertised and allow for a closer cut to the skin as it stretches it. That one tweak to the design made the 5th variant from a very good razor to a great razor and also why it is it's own variant.
This is the last E type made

G1 Type G razors come in 4 distinct variants. Some variants came with various different handle styles but are the same razor just different handle regardless of the set. Regardless of variant what makes a Schick injector a Type G is that they were the first razors produced by Eversharp after they took over the Schick brand from Magazine Repeater Company in 1946. The distinguishing feature of all Type G razors is they feature 2 patent numbers on the razor handle 1806087 and 1969945.
The first variant was produced in 1946/1947. It is distinguished by the fact it has a squared ferrule and the spring says Schick Injector on it. The razor was only produced in an ivory / cream colored handle style.
This handle has gotten a little darker over the years to a nice mocha cream
Gives a verysmooth and efficient shave

2) PAL ADJUSTABLE INJECTOR RAZOR $35.00  NOW $ 30.00 Delivered to your door.  WITHDRAWN
The Pal Adjustable is an outstanding razor. with a futuristic appearanceweight 52 Gr.
Does not shave like other Injectors ,more like a SE with a very stiff 1/2 DE blade
It was one of the first, if not the first, safety razors to be made mostly of stainless steel. It is capable of great shaves
I have tough grey thick whiskers and find a setting of 4 on the 5 possible settings is about right for me

THANKS FOR LOOKING need asny more pics or any questions ,just ask

[Image: o5MdD6T.jpg]

[Image: kLsiayZ.jpg]

[Image: c3SI8vt.jpg]

[Image: f9YW0Vi.jpg]

[Image: qPWg8QD.jpg]

[Image: r411lbD.jpg]

[Image: XtNSGvC.jpg]
[Image: szF5tJU.jpg]
[Image: u4plIBU.jpg]

[Image: fbBByx2.jpg]

[Image: hnAjRSr.jpg]
[Image: ZQ0Hjoe.jpg]
[Image: YBSpqrD.jpg]
[Image: YFsMZIb.jpg]
[Image: 3hWuHZt.jpg]
[Image: 6unE31x.jpg]
Thanks for looking

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