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I have a few nice razors I'm selling.  The RazoRock SLAB is an exceptional value and great shaver as it is.  I'm hoping you guys have been wanting to try it out as well and get a great deal at the same time.  It has a stainless steel handle and the head is chrome over zinc alloy.

It is in like new condition.

I'm selling it for $25 and includes CONUS shipping.  Payment via PayPal.

The actual pictures are below:

[Image: 8eqba6z.jpg]

[Image: NzZW5IP.jpg]
That is a steal... Good luck on the sale

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Emperor of Shaving
This is a fantastic razor! I love mine. Great deal.

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"veni, vidi, vici"

Sold. Happy shaving Smile I know you'll enjoy the SLAB.

Thank you all. This is a great community here.

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