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I paid $400, selling less than I paid.
$400  $350 includes Paypal, Conus, Shipping Insurance.

[Image: R7.jpg]

[Image: R6.jpg]

[Image: R2.jpg]

[Image: R1.jpg]

[Image: R3.jpg]

[Image: R4.jpg]

[Image: R5.jpg]

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My favorite all time razor! Good luck!

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That's a great price for both plates! Excellent seller as well!

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(06-12-2019, 09:08 PM)shaveSymptomatic Wrote: My favorite all time razor! Good luck!

Mine as well. I might not have it if not for your recommendation. I’m lightly considering buying this as a back-up...

GLWS, OP! Doubt you will need it.

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Thanks a lot. But I would prefer to sell this razor to someone who does not have RS10 rather than a backup razor.
Since I love this razor, too. And I have one more RS10 for myself, and my father has one more for himself too.
This is the extra one I have.

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I got a question from one of you.
It is coming with all the original packages.
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Anyone know how this razor compares in aggressiveness/efficiency to charcoal goods level 3, blackland vector, and paradigm titanium se? I don’t know much about this razor since I’m somewhat of noob

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I have CG Level 3 and for me RS10 aggressive plate is milder than CG Level 3.
RS10 Aggressive plate has mid-aggressiveness close to CG Level 2.
I also had Paradigm SE, before Ian purchased from me. Paradigm SE feels mild but very efficient razor like RS10 Mild Plate.
But it had better if I compare this with my Paradigm Ti DE razor, RS10 mild plate shaving is very similar to Paradigm Ti V2. But Paradigm has lighter weight. They both are nice daily safety razors.

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PM sent, I’d love to finally pick one of these up!


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