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A rare piece of iKON history here. This is a very Limited Edition iKon Polished Brass SBS Head in excellent condition. The base plate can be flipped and used on either side, creating a mild or slightly more aggressive shave. The diversity of a single razor having a double sided base plate with both an open comb and solid bar is pretty awesome. This razor head closely resembles a Tradere and some say shaves even smoother. The top cap is even interchangeable on a Tradere. This sale is for the Head only but contact me if you would also like the custom Triad brass handle shown in the 4th photo. We can work something out.

Asking $225 for the Head which is what I paid for it. Includes shipping in ConUS & PP.

Thanks DFS and Thank you all for looking.
[Image: Zn2O8Jx.jpg][Image: 4A5IwSj.jpg][Image: xGS7HvK.jpg][Image: 2ZiZi1u.jpg][Image: rgHvAyf.jpg]
[Image: nutngYb.jpg]

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Stunning razor. This should go quick

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Thank you DFS and to the kind buyer

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