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I wasn't really sure what to ask for this one. Didn't sell at $150 so I'll try $125. I think it's a pretty special brush. If it doesn't sell for $125 I think I might just keep it.

Continuing to thin the herd of the brushes I don't use as much. This one is pretty special IMO. It's a beautiful PL10 from the Somerset era, complete with the lampblack lettering, concave bottom and visible lathe marks that were a hallmark of that time. This one was produced for Geo F. Trumper and is labeled as such. It comes with a matching stand, also labeled for Geo F. Trumper, and its original green box. It is a big brush (too big for me, which is why I decided to let it go). It measures 28/54 by my calipers. I'm not really sure what to ask for this one, so I'll just offer it at $150 $125 and see if there's interest. Price includes CONUS shipping.

[Image: SkXQfPP.jpg][Image: KDljauH.jpg][Image: YJuqIQS.jpg]

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Dropping the price on this one to $125 shipped CONUS
Post holiday bump!
PM sent. Brain cell was dead forgetting I've been wanting a Polo 10. lol
Sold! Thanks DFS and member!

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