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Let's get this one moving - price drop to $190 shipped CONUS!!!

My name came up on the Wolfman list so I need to free up some funds. I find CH2s too big and dense for my tastes, so I'm offering a beautiful, like new 2-band (SiLVERTiP) Chubby 2 with only about 7 or 8 uses. Not much I need to say about this one. Big dense knot as you would expect from a CH2. Super soft tips as you would expect from 2-band. Like new as you would expect for a brush with only a handful of uses. Comes with original box packaging materials. These are currently listed on the Simpson web site for £274.95. I'm offering this practically new one here for $225 $190 including CONUS shipping. Save yourself a wad of cash and help enable my Wolfman habit!

[Image: pGS1H9Q.jpg][Image: S6brbJY.jpg][Image: glDbHfu.jpg]

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Let's get this one moving - price drop to $190 shipped CONUS!!!

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These are my absolute favorite brushes. If I didn't have three of them I'd be all over this!
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Des Moines, IA
I have one of these. No way I'm letting it go. This is a great opportunity
Bump! Can't believe this is still here...
Sold! Thanks DFS and member!

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