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PRICE DROP on Brad Sears brush to $150!!  Last up is a beautiful Brad Sears custom Beehive in English Butterscotch and Faux Tortoise with an Estate Badger knot.  Dimensions are 26mm x 52mm.  This knot is dense, but has the softest tips of any knot I have owned.  It truly is a cloud on the face, but with backbone and just the right bit of scrub.  It is just a bit too big for my face.  CONUS $150 (retails $250) and I will throw in a 99% full tub Proraso Green and a 100% full Simpson tin of soap.

For anyone who knows Brad Sears handles and brushes, this is a steal at $150.  Seriously, a great brush.

[Image: PcW2g3D.jpg]

[Image: IjaaEoi.jpg]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!

It's Hedley

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Great offerings and terrific seller - GLWS!

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Great prices!

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The CG is sold pending funds.  All others are still available.

MdC and Paradigm SPF.

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MdC and Paradigm SOLD!

Brad Sears available and now $160 delivered CONUS with 2 bonus soaps!

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I had my eye on that Paradigm for too long and missed out. Congrats on the sale and to the buyer
Last price drop on the Brad Sears brush to $150 CONUS.  THIS IS A STEAL for this handle and knot.
Sold pending funds.

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