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New Dogwood Hybrid Brushes - 3 different models are for sale
These brushes have never seen water.   They are part of a larger liquidation of brushes that were acquired for display purposes only.

  1. SOLD - Grey wood/Light purple.  28mm Declaration B9 Alpha Fan $250 US plus shipping costs  Price Drop $225 USD plus FREE shipping
  2. SOLD - Brown wood/Dark purple with white snow accent at middle.  28mm Declaration B9 Bravo Fan.  $250 US plus shipping
  3. SOLD - Red wood/Red sky. 30mm Muggards SHD - Bulb $150 US plus shipping costs. Price Drop $130 plus free shipping.

Can be shipped with tracking number to US addresses (via USPS) or Canada via (Canada Post) at pass through costs

[Image: vTrkd05.jpeg][Image: PmrFeUY.jpeg][Image: VPh6awz.jpeg][Image: HDsbt7Y.jpeg][Image: qNEkCHF.jpeg][Image: Uib1wz4.jpeg]

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