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Up for sale is a Blackbird in Polished Titanium from back when Shane was offering Polished as a TI option which is no longer a thing unfortunately. Blackbird is one of my personal favorite razors (in all metals) and was well taken care of, used no more than 6x. I am only letting this one go is because I recently purchased the bluebird TI.

Update: Upon further inspection I noticed a few scratches on the bottom of the baseplate that are only visible under certain angles so I have added a pic to show it as best as possible (please see last pic). It really is not that bad in person and you kind of have to search for it but I lowered my asking price to reflect it anyway.

Cost me $416 after taxes ($380 retail) when it was available, asking $295 Shipped CONUS only

[Image: rsifOsB.jpg]
[Image: RJGYBmI.jpg][Image: YtBfKMM.jpg]
[Image: gtno7pK.jpg][Image: skgft15.jpg][Image: LFY3f27.jpg]
[Image: rLO5QVq.jpg]

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