Hello all!

Today I have a Simpsons Chubby 2 synthetic that needs a new home.

I am the original owner and it was purchased direct from Simpsons last year.

It has less than 10 lathers and was travelled with once. Always in a travel tube (not included).

I have included pics to show specs.

[Image: cab0918f90a156e7326d6bd0c49e4ee7.jpg]

[Image: fd4b694a743eadb550c30f0298d0b21c.jpg]

[Image: 1cead5e94ad4bc16f917768e68b5261f.jpg]

[Image: 9f798bf8e2c7aa9c6425850b031a1ecb.jpg]

I'm asking $80 shipped CONUS

If my prices seem off please let me know thru PM.

Thank you all for looking!

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