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Surrey, UK
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Yesterday, I sold my unused bowls of Floris No.89 tallow shaving soap due to a skin reaction.

Today, I have for sale, my used bowl of the same soap.

I have used it 5 times, plus sent a small sample to Celestino. I estimate somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the soap remaining.

Asking price is £24 (pounds), including shipping within the UK. For other EU countries, please add another £2, and elsewhere(non EU), please add an extra £4. This is for standard international shipping, without tracking.

PayPal only.

[Image: 9e4ac1c4-2b8f-4118-ba12-6a8b2743d566_zpsckp8czah.jpg]

[Image: 60e5f067-92b1-4863-b749-4cf27a6a6c68_zpsywuc4x6i.jpg]

Surrey, UK
Soap is now SOLD.
Thank you to buyer and DFS.

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