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San Jose, CA
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Hi, decided to do some much needed den editing today.

- No trades or low ball offers (at all)

- PayPal only

- PM if interested.

- All prices below what they cost, let me know if that is not correct.

- Prices listed as shipped in CONUS for FREE for orders over $75

- **************Under $75, shipping is $10 **************

- Orders over $150 take 15% off

- CONUS Only

- ADD on soap listed at the bottom for orders over $75

- I will ship the orders from today / this weekend on Monday via Priority Mail


*** Most are brand new.  If it doesn't list how many times it is.


B&M Latha Oceana $7 SOLD
RazoRock X SOLD
RazoRock XX SOLD
Caties Bubbles A Midnight Dreary $14 SOLD
DR Harris Almond (1x) $15 SOLD
Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate $7 SOLD
Ginger's Garden Grapefruit Sunrise $12 SOLD
Ginger's Garden Amerikesh $12 SOLD
I Coloniali Mango Oil Shave Soap (1x) $25 SOLD
Nannys Silly Soap Signature Arabian Nights (1x) $10 SOLD
Reef Point Admiralty $12 SOLD
Saponificio Varesino Tundra in Wood Bowl $38 SOLD
Saponificio Varesino Cosmo w Balm $50 SOLD
Saponificio Varesino / Asylum Colonia  (2x) $20 SOLD
Tiki Mora Shooter (1x) $5 SOLD
Wholly Cow Lav Sublime  $12 SOLD
Simpsons $12 SOLD
B&M Fougere Imperiale (looks like several uses) $8 SOLD
Castle Forbes Lime $32 SOLD
Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood $32 SOLD
Shave Revolution  SOLD
B&M Le Petit Cyphre $7 SOLD
Crown King Rustlers Ridge $11 SOLD
Daper Dragon Black Dragon $7 SOLD
Soap Smooth Lyon $12 SOLD
B&M 42 $18 SOLD
Cold River Soap Works Citrus V2 $13 SOLD
Cold River Soap Works Limenthol (1x) $12 SOLD
Cold River Soap Works Oliva (Colonia ... used a few times) $10 SOLD
B&M Chesire $14 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright Aladins Spice $12 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright Barnacle Bob $12 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright Black Beard $12 SOLD
Beaver Woodwright Captains Pipe $12 SOLD
Crown King Sacre Bleu $11 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright Phillips Fougere $12 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright Two Bits $12 SOLD
Caties Bubbles Jardin d'Or $14 SOLD
Caties Bubbles Rosee du Matin $14 SOLD
Caties Bubbles Un Jour Gris $14 SOLD
Ginger's Garden Luna SC $12 SOLD
Ginger's Garden Spice Grenade SC (1x) $10 SOLD
Kramperts Frostbite $14 SOLD
Mason Boutique Lillian $12 SOLD
Shannon's Woodlands (1x) $8 SOLD
Stirlings Glacial Lemon Chill $7 SOLD
ATT / RR Orange Blossom & Jasmine SOLD
Caties Bubbles Purple Grapefruit (1x) $13 SOLD
Crown King Holliday  (1x) $10 SOLD
Mystic Water Orange Vanilla (1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Pumpkin Spice $7 SOLD
PAA 11235 $11 SOLD
Reef Point Dragon's Blood $11 SOLD
Mystic Water Cedar & Sage $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Lavender Lime (1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Vetiver & Oakmoss (1x) $6 SOLD
B&M Artique (1x) $12 SOLD
B&M Diamond (a few times) $12 SOLD
B&M Rhapsody w splash (1x) $25 SOLD
B&M Roam (old) w splash  (a few times) $30 SOLD
B&M Solarion $12 SOLD
B&M Vetiver Heather & Clary Sage (a few times) $10 SOLD
B&M Vetyver Santal $15 SOLD
Beaver WoodWright The Black Rose $12 SOLD
LASSC Santa Monica Bay Rum (1x) $12 SOLD
Mickey Lee Grand Havana $12 SOLD
Mickey Lee Reunion $12 SOLD
Mystic Water Brown Windsor $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Coconut (1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Cuppa Joe (1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Frankincense & Myrrh $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Gingered Cranberry Pear $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Irish Traveller (1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Lemon Verbana $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Pompelmo & Fiori $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Raspberry Lemon $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Sardinian Honey $7 SOLD
Mystic Water Windjammer $7 SOLD
PB Spitfire $10 SOLD
PAA Good Vibrations (1x) $10 SOLD
Stirlings Island Man $7 SOLD
Caties Bubbles Menage a Lavande $14 SOLD
Tiki The Captain tallow (2x) $7 SOLD
Soap Commander Inspiration $10 SOLD
Soap Commander Wisdom (1x) $10 SOLD
PAA Alfin $11 SOLD
PAA Briar $11 SOLD


B&M Lavanelle (1x) $17
B&M Bay Rum $14
Caties Bubble PLV $14
Maggards Tobacco & Leather $10
Mike's Hungarian Lavender (in Ikea tin, used a few times) $10
Mystic Water Almond Vanilla $7
Mystic Water Barbershop (1x) $6
Mystic Water Marrakesh (2x) $6
PAA The Beach $11
Panna Crema Libanese $14
Panna Crema San Francesco $14
Plisson Soap in porcelain bowl (1x) $45
Reef Point Submariner $12
Sapone di Paolo Bosco $8
Sapone di Paolo Piccante $8
Soapy Bathman Italian Almonds $12
Tiki 1920's Barbershop (2x) $7
Tiki Smokey Caramels tallow (2x) $7
Italian Barber Amici
Italian Barber Millionario (1x)
Mama Bears Coconut Lemongrass (cracked tin)
RazoRock AlCapone
Daper Dragon Signature (2x)

[Image: afdab2b2-8bf1-4db1-8519-19be3fc9ecbf_zpsjhsgfsos.jpg]

[Image: 3772C579-CB5D-49DF-90A2-645C9B419980_zpssclfwvkq.jpg]

[Image: A91FC8C1-F667-45B4-B9DA-C51063E37388_zps14fv44ub.jpg]

[Image: BF3A987E-344E-4180-881E-710C7D2AD293_zpsyjvblv8f.jpg]

[Image: A6CD1104-7834-42EE-8DED-B771D21DDC11_zpslzop798j.jpg]

[Image: 2502697B-63E9-44E3-A456-CB6B04B3C822_zpsn6f2znrl.jpg][/URL

[Image: 5F7D8BB1-5777-476C-80ED-275C116117CC_zps8ucnt5wv.jpg]

[Image: A465D8CE-FC0F-4DDC-A936-E13949EE05F9_zpsromqxmbv.jpg]

[Image: D5D63D11-55E9-45C6-8B70-BE718598398E_zpslfwn2uve.jpg]

[Image: 8812C5AC-04B7-4ED7-A562-3FCAD7F54E84_zps0flo8j5m.jpg]

[Image: A89FECCF-FD73-4A8E-B4E2-6C045B15D320_zpsquzo0z3b.jpg]

[Image: D6167DB2-486C-4341-8BEC-BDBD9E72F552_zpsa6n7mwmx.jpg]

[Image: 693CCA78-A0DA-432B-86FA-D062A6AE02C6_zpsgijurf0d.jpg]

[Image: 1E1D8A18-14F0-4EBB-9B52-DD25699F9B59_zps4q7d3g65.jpg]

[Image: C087EDC0-B061-4A5D-98EE-73288A2E2C89_zpsv8una690.jpg]

[Image: E9CDA9D8-D57B-43BA-ACDA-419578EC969E_zpsicfijozd.jpg]

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Wow that is a lot....what's left?

Good prices I am sure people will snap these up Smile

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

San Jose, CA
(06-10-2016, 11:32 PM)WindsorCitrus Wrote: Wow that is a lot....what's left?

Good prices I am sure people will snap these up Smile

Thanks. Yes, it is a lot.

I am keeping somewhere around 100 soaps, and don't really need that many.

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- Jeff

Philadelphia, PA
holy soap, batman!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Restitutor Orbis
(06-11-2016, 12:03 AM)wyze0ne Wrote: Must.....resist......

Haha I already failed at resisting! Resistance is futile!

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Pm sent

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Good deals here fellows!

San Jose, CA
Updated as to whats available, more soaps added.

San Jose, CA
A stopping point has been reached in the den reduction. Thanks DFS!

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