Movember Lot #2 is LIVE! Make your bids here!!

2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

Hello all!

The brush was bought new by me and lathered once. Then up it went. Bought direct from L'Occitane about a year ago I believe. I only use synthetics when traveling and found this one too small for my tastes. So I see no need to keep anymore.

I'm asking $28 shipped CONUS

[Image: bec6e38617d549cfbe82febfb9c37447.jpg]

[Image: fe90c5218db2bd7583cc1e4c20101481.jpg]

If my price seems off please communicate thru PM.

Thank u all for looking!

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I am trying to send you a pm but I can't.

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Sold please archive

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