Hello all

I have amassed so much shaving gear, that I need to clear my backups.

These items were my shaving den at my second condo, but really the den got very little usage as I only use the place for work and rarely sleep there - so shave at my main condo. Thus these things stood there and collected dust.

I'm from Denmark, Europe - so everything weighing more than 2kg/4 pounds will cost me $75 to ship to the US and Canada, so will far prefer buyers living in Europe. But if you're interested and find the deal good enough, I'll ship WORLDWIDE, except to the Northpole and Southpole

My price is only an approx price. I can't write down every detail about new price, but I promise all my asking price is 50% or less than what it cost me new. PROMISE !

I'm looking for buyers, that want a good deal. Perhaps you need some of the stuff, and can sell/PIF some to others - but dare I say, I know the stuff I'm selling is high quality stuff.

Except these items, all the creams and soaps have been used 1-2 times, MAXIMUM TWO TIMES !!!

Antica Barbierre cream - UNUSED & sealed

Mitchell Wool Fat soap - UNUSED (in Lea wooden bowl, LEA Cassic soap is crap, that I would never sell, nor use - but the bowl is pretty)

Truefitt & Hill Grafton - came with West Indian Lime lid, FILLED TO THE BRIM, AND I MEAN BRIM - UNUSED

Truefitt & Hill No. 10 - UNUSED

ST. JAMES Sandalwood & Bergamot - UNUSED

Creams are: Proraso Red, Proraso Green, TF&H Trafalgar 75ml, TF&H Sandalwood 75ml, Veleiro, Antica Barbierra

Pots are:
I Coloniali, Tabac, MWF, Cella Brick (wooden bowl filled to the brim with 200 gram of a 2 months old Cella 1 kg brick), DR Harris Marlborough soap, Tabula Rasa Cardemomme, Saponificio Varesino 70.th, Caties Bubbles Ocean Grove 8 oz, Phoenix & Beau Citra Royal (Kerry only filled this with 100 gram due to an error, bought 4 days ago), Barrister & Mann Lavanille, Barrister & Mann Latha, Cold River Soap Works Select Bergamot & Bay v1, TFS Lagara Gelsomino croap, Savon des Volcans Rosemary & Mint (no label, new Donkey ass milk version, totally filled to the brim), St. James Sandalwood & Bergamot, Esbjerg Verbena, TF&H No. 10, TF&H Grafton.

Brushes: 2 Omega boar and 1 Semogue. Omegas used twice, Semogue used 6-8 times

Shavemac custom faux horn, 3-band D01 Silvertip, 25 mm knot, 50 mm loft, fan shape - used 3-4 times

Thäter faux Ivory, 3-band Silvertip, 26 mm knot, 56 mm loft, bulb shape - used 2-3 times

Stirling 22 mm Plissoft fibre synthetic brush. Named Lil Brudder. UNUSED, bought 4-5 weeks ago.

Itaala Shaving bowl in high quality porcelains. No ridges at the bottom.
Perfect size for even larger brushes.
12 cm wide and 8-9 cm tall

Price EXCLUDING SHIPPING for the whole den: $350 (PM me for details about shipping)
I don't trade !
I don't accept offers on single items, unless you pay for shipping (shipping to the North America is minimum $35 tracked)

[Image: 99057ee2e1c356a2bd1a6c18c1468f05.jpg]
[Image: e46a5205a0cbc3af1b764d562e5d1869.jpg]
[Image: 282ef8a2087785e46732079db28f6edb.jpg]
[Image: 62ca3ebf1715337422d217f6ae35aa0b.jpg]
[Image: b0bf95d9c8a5a9df7f48a282590dff03.jpg]
[Image: 389de4a2fa930a9d05a0f5dcea745c72.jpg]
[Image: dc1713f6299974b0501b383284028957.jpg]
[Image: 84bb56a5dc2907e409b9a7241e838ced.jpg]

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

The Dude Abides
Nice deal for someone. Shipping that much weight is the only price issue, the den sale is a major deal for someone.

Careful, man, there's a beverage here! - The Dude
From where in Denmark are you from? I am from Hamburg, so maybe i could visit you and collect the stuff, lol. Nah, just kidding.
Thanks guys !

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
PM sent regarding Thater Brush.
Have a pending offer for the whole lot......

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
That is a truly epic lot, sir. Good deal for someone in Europe!
Sold to Michael from Vegas. Thanks !!
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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