Shave Den cleaning

I have below a few Items that haven’t seen much attention, all items include shipping to the lower 48.  If you feel my prices are unfair on anything please let me know.  I am not trying to rip anyone off.  Thank you


Custom handle synthetic 47mm Loft Paid $65 asking $40 Used twice.

WSP “Monarch” High Density High mountain white silvertip Paid 110.00 Asking $80  Used three times.

Frank Shaving Finest knot 24mm Loft 56mm handle 52mm. Paid 35 asking $20. Used once

Ask of Shaving Engraved silvertip brush Paid $250.00 asking $70.00 (sheds).


Parker 65R Used less than 10 times Paid $30, asking $20
Muhle R89 Grand minor plate issue on top cap. Paid $75 asking $25.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl, used about a dozen times Paid $30 asking $20.


Mitchell’s Wool Fat Used twice apparently my face does not like the soap.  Paid $35, asking $30.

[Image: 063e23914a3f4d66771e1566a992fa06.jpg]

[Image: 637b145d632c750fd1aa85e968004458.jpg]

[Image: ea5031d855d150aeeb9c2b93ef23f52b.jpg]

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MWF is sold

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