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New forum so a new day! Neat place. Thought I might start contributing to the BST community so today I have two custom turned ones that my dad and I made. We've been having a really good time turning brushes and selling the works funds purchasing new knots and materials, rinse, repeat! Prices are shipped Conus, and I'd be happy to ship to Canada for +$3.

  • "Keyhole" Style Maple Wood Brush - Spar Urethane Finish. Nice light an maneuverable brush, very pretty light wood. Larger handle would be very nice for someone with larger hands or any loss of dexterity.  28mm "Plisson Style" synthetic knot, Handle Height: 60.5mm, Handle Width: 42.55mm, Total Height: 113mm, $35
[Image: Jky2Mvk.jpg]

  • Long Handle Cocobolo Brush - CA finish on this one, it was our first try so there are one or two little discolored spots near the neck. The spots are smooth though and not really noticeable unless you look for them. This would be a GREAT brush for someone who bowl lathers, very comfortable to hold. Specs - 22mm "Plisson Style" Knot / 49g (Handle) / 65g (total) / 76.35mm handle height / 131mm total height / 32.86mm at the shoulder / 31.23mm at the base. $30 SPF
[Image: 2KN1FC9.jpg]

I'll PM you about the Long Handle Smile

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Just hit the "delete thread" button at the bottom of the original post. No need to ask a moderator to archive it.

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Oh gotcha, sorry on most forums they prefer you not delete for sale threads. I assume so people don't profiteer and things like that. I'll delete it then.

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