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The Gillette golden Slim Aristocrat (1967, M3, the 3rd quarter) has been used, but not abused. As a result, it looks and functions almost like new, exactly as expected from a perfect Gillette. This is a great razor with a very smooth TTO, shiny, no lazy doors, even blade gap, adjust as expected according to the 1-9 dial, the final perfect ¼ turn, numbers are all black. In general, this is a great gift, because these Slim Aristocrats are very comfortable razors, great for daily use and, IMHO, they shave smoother relative to their nickel-plated equivalents. The notoriously thin Gillette gold layer is minimally lost only on the end caps and the safety bars. Oiled and disinfected/Barbicide, shave ready. Pictures (taken using an iPhone) do not do justice. Selling only because I have too many similars - this really great razor has to find a new home and to start working. Asking $75now 67.50  now $60/or the best offer, shipped to our CONUS door, PayPal G&S. 
[Image: osilOpR.jpg]

[Image: pIqH2b2.jpg]
[Image: 6OU3apq.jpg]

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