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I’m selling my stainless steel 2020 Paradigm Diamondback.

This razor has a high polish that rivals Wolfman’s mirror polish. It’s known for being highly efficient with very little blade feel (it is sometimes described as “phantom blade”).

If you know anything about the Diamondback, you’ll know this is a rare razor. I believe only 200 were made in stainless steel, and of those, only half were the “2020” version, which is the more sought after version of the SS razors.

I’ve enjoyed owning it, however I’m trying to declutter the den a bit.

Though Andy is now offering this in titanium, my understanding is that he has no plans to revisit SS, at least anytime soon.

The shave between the Ti and the SS is different, but opposite what I would have originally thought. To me, the Titanium has more blade feel and less of the “phantom blade” that the SS does. However, the weight of the SS definitely helps with a few days growth, whereas the Ti requires a little “push” to get through a few days growth (much like the Ti Blackbird does).

For me, the additional blade feel I get from the Ti plus the weight of SS would be the ideal razor.

Even though the finish on the Ti is very well done and extremely consistent, the SS finish is more of a mirror polish with a luster that the Ti doesn’t seem to have (due to the inherent qualities of each metal).

I told myself when I ordered the Ti version that I would only keep one of the two, and the reason I chose to sell the SS is because I enjoy the additional blade feel of the Ti version, and I have a Wolfman that sort of approximates the feel and shave I get from the SS version. I don’t have a razor that shaves quite like the Ti version.

So, collectors or those that have been curious about the Diamondback, here’s your chance to grab rare air.

$600 shipped CONUS, insured.

[Image: i-hSzznh2-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-W5NL53t-X2.jpg]

[Image: i-r6L835c-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-sFDPQ25-XL.jpg]

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Pm sent

Sale pending funds by buyer.

Razor is sold. Thanks all.

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