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Hello all, looking to downsize and sell some things that I don’t use much these days and fund some Xmas gifts for the family. Location is APO (US military in Germany). Price includes shipping CONUS with USPS, am able to ship DHL within EU for extra $12. Message me if you need more pics or have any questions.

1. Charcoal Goods brass hammered handle. Comes with charcoal goods tin. $150 SOLD
2. Carbon Shaving copper/carbon fiber handle. $120 SOLD
3. Razorock gamechanger 1.05 baseplate. Used twice. $25 SOLD
4. Paladin 28mm Chief, Lapis Lazuli with D9 knot. Comes with original shipping tube and knot card. $230
5. Grooming Dept Eau de Magnolia shave soap in Kairos formula. $20 SOLD
6. Ethos grooming Violeta soap/splash. $70
7. Sebum Lime post shave serum. $85 SOLD

[Image: KuedlPz.jpg][Image: HsOyd1i.jpg][Image: ahDvrQa.jpg][Image: 8FqeRZd.jpg][Image: SOdptU7.jpg][Image: B1mhSM4.jpg][Image: J6nD5Ty.jpg][Image: 5yT5qdP.jpg]

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