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Offering for sale or trade a gorgeous LE CH2 SiLVERTiP in Faux Ruby. It is one of the best-shaped bulbs I have ever used. It also has one of the rare Simpsons' lower-density knots. While not as dense as their regular SiLVERTiPs, this knot is not floppy and presents a healthy backbone and excellent flowthrough. It reminds me of some of the best Shavemac bulbs. However, I prefer dense brushes, and since a return was not an option, I have decided to offer this beauty to fellow DFShavers.

I paid $245, used it only once, and am the second owner. The original owner confirmed that he purchased the brush directly from Simpsons last December and used it very little. I would like to recover as close to what I paid as possible. My price is $245 shipped insured priority within CONUS.

I would also consider exchanging the brush for another CH2 faux ruby with a denser SiLVERFTiP or a Manchurian knot. I would also consider a CH2 faux ebony SilVERTiP and CH2 faux Ivory or butterscotch Manchurian.

Please send me a PM if you are interested in either option.


[Image: aLS450Q.jpg][Image: F7bkH1e.jpg][Image: uM6QDKN.jpg]

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SOLD. Thank you, DFS and fellow DFShaver

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