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Yes, gentlemen, as a straight razor shaver, I seem to have one too many DE razors. Most of the time they sit around unused. Time to pass them on. Also, I have the Feather AS-D2, which is still my favorite of all these DE razors. These razors are all in superb shape. U.S. Shipping is included in the price. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. From left to right:

1.  RazoRock Game Changer, used about four times, I think.  $45. [color=#ff3333 SOLD

2.  iKon Shavecraft 101 with the RazoRock titanium handle, used once, I think.  $55 $45  SOLD

3.  RazoRock Baby Smooth (older model), the forgotten one.  $15  SOLD

[Image: esVab3q.jpg]
Just emailed you for the Baby Smooth.
Please check your email for my response.
Gentlemen, I have reduced the price on the iKon Shavecraft 101. Priced to go.

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