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I've been trying to reduce my gear as I've accumulated more than I need. This sale is for two razor heads only without handles, just like I bought them. I am selling them because I found what works best for me and therefore see no need to hang on to these two. Both heads are in excellent condition. However, there is a very, very tiny dent on one corner of each top cap. I am talking so small you have to look very closely to see it and I couldn't pick it up with my camera. Still, I want to mention it because it is there. Both razors have been lightly used, the Muhle maybe a dozen times and the 101 about double that. I am the original owner of both. I also have a Muhle razor head cover that can be purchased with the head. I bought that cover separately and it works with all of my DE heads so I will sell it with either head if someone wants it.

Payments must be made via PayPal. Shipping is to CONUS.

I am willing to work out a trade for B&M Night Music soap, new/unused.

iKon 101 - $28.00 shipped, or $31.00 shipped with razor head cover
Muhle R41 2013 Model - $13.00 shipped, or $16.00 shipped with razor head cover
Or buy both heads for $38.00 shipped, or buy all three items for $40.00 shipped! This is a great deal!

[Image: LFwLfV1.jpg]
[Image: PNdxJ5Y.jpg]
[Image: yiURQTX.jpg]

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