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- $55    SOLD!

 Maseto 30mm "hybrid fan". This one is ofcourse new and unused as the other things I'm selling. Was not even washed as I bought 3 of them at the same time but in diff colours, and then stored away this one in a protective environment away from heat and sunlight. I have washed it gently with neutral shaving soap before putting it up for sale here now

 This one comes from their early batches when the knots was just something extra extra. They probably did so to get into the market and get "a name", and that they surely succeeded in as they exploded on the market. This brush should simply be impossible to sell so cheap seen to the knot. The knot in theese at the time was extremely good and should've easily costed three times more. The one I have in my rotation are still in great condition and one I appreciate much as a "monster" now and then.

 Today Maseto doesn't have these knots and the same quality control anymore, so it shall not be compared to the new ones at all. 
It's 30mm but on the + side of that so more like 31mm. Very very dense. The one I have in rotation with the same knot is very soft and plush, and that without being overtreated, IE bleached to gel, as most other new knots these days....even from artisans mostly...sigh.

 Anyway - This costs new today $71+$7 tax.  So I ask for $55 and that's a steal for a new brush as this one. SOLD!!

 The brush will be sent in a well padded box inside another well padded outer box. Serious packing with bubblewrap and all the rest is a given.

If you have any further questions, just send me a pm.

Trackable shipping to USA and Europe from Sweden. For this I ask for a symbolic $5 which is less than half of the actual cost for me($12). Fair for everyone I think.

 If buying other things from me I'll of course pack together and correct the cost after that. Cheaper of course.

 Shipping from Sweden with Post Nord and normal shipping time is 5-7 days(usually 4-5) to USA according to the courier, and usually 2-4 days to EU. Custom halts and such at the destination excluded.

 I'll post the brush within two days after the payment is registred on my PayPal account. We take the details in PM. Only PayPal or bank transfer

I won't be able to be online 24/7, so I will of course see the first one who PM'ed me of interest as the first one who gets the chance to buy it. Fair and square!
Will send a pm to everyone who've showned interest even if someone else was quicker and bought it

[Image: TnODzuJ.jpg]
[Image: gfSOccu.jpg]

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Is this still available?

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