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Selling my Karve Razor, 3" Handle with B, C, and D solid bar base plates.

I've decided to offer the base plates separately.

I'm the original owner, and comes with original box and instructions.

There are 2 tiny dings on the handle, take a look at the pictures, I pointed at them with a colored pencil. The razor was not assembled when I dropped it so rest assured that the threading on the top cap is not bent.

No issues whatsoever besides that.

$70 Includes the razor with one base plate (add $20 for any additional base plate)
$23 For stand alone base plates
$105 For everything in this listing
(Prices include shipping and paypal).

No trades please.


[Image: kj0TaM4.jpg]

[Image: hAiH0WC.jpg]

[Image: pcGucRo.jpg]

[Image: KBOC25i.jpg]

[Image: gcPA73P.jpg]

[Image: aPCEopB.jpg]

[Image: YsiHvoR.jpg]

[Image: hzzfirb.jpg]

[Image: fgvpMVl.jpg]

[Image: MGufpYv.jpg]

[Image: Xlpgq1s.jpg]

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Reduced price

Price reduction and added more options.

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