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Sold  - Excellent condition Aluminum Overlander 3.5 inch handle and Christopher Bradley stand. I had Chris finish it in clear anodizing. $100 shipped conus. Cost $135 new and took about 6 weeks. 

New in sealed box Stainless Overlander 3.5 inch handle with excellent condition Christopher Bradley stand. $175 shipped conus. This costs $235 if you were to buy it from Karve. 

No freight forwarding. 

[Image: 0QYzHXZ.jpeg][Image: VdmyCXC.jpeg][Image: VXLt38C.jpeg][Image: I8WFiW2.jpeg]

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Bump. Skip the 4-6 week wait folks.

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Someone needs a NIB stainless overlander. You’re getting the stand for free at this price

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