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Here’s a nice haul of cool stuff for someone... these parts work exceedingly well together for a Frankenstein Razor!

1. Edwin Jagger Top Cap
2. Karve Brass F Plate
3. Rockwell Stainless 1 & 3 Plate
4. TiBam Titanium Handle
5. Weber USA Stainless Bulldog Handle
6. Falcon Stainless Handle
7. Ming Shi 2000 adjustable razor (New/Unused)

Take it all for only $99 shipped and I’ll cover the USPS Priority Shipping to the US.

Price is firm and I won’t separate items


[Image: 79fbf01d5fbd2dc33a193f8673cdfec4.jpg]
[Image: f83b194d4b63dad1e014950e736343a5.jpg]
[Image: 8fc15085617e0f5116e2536f533133ed.jpg]
[Image: 5c8ac6bce3e79ccaab40357b8f3f4a92.jpg]
[Image: 4b510521dbcca918ed3d2b319811f68d.jpg]
[Image: e69a413a1aab21cd91c8954b05c5ed8e.jpg]
[Image: 2b26ccb7199ec8a6eaa58f8087a50565.jpg]
[Image: a551be58d4eadd9216cf5f0c8bd80c1e.jpg]
[Image: 4d02ae711c481b02b62839b21b043317.jpg]
[Image: 04e8bb84775942f1bc1f88edb864fb6c.jpg]

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