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These two Italian synthetic brushes were made in heaven. They are 28mm knots, densely packed with solid backbone, and have the sweetest face feel you’ll ever experience from a synthetic brush. They are beautiful brushes and they will devour your face with pleasure. I would have kept them had they not been a wee bit too big for me. If you like big synthetic brushes that will tempt you to forget all your other brushes, then I suggest going with these two incredible brushes. With shipping from Italy, they cost me around $119 each. Your price is $75 each shipped. U.S. only, and no trades, please. PayPal is fine. Thanks.
[Image: 6R4v0zd.jpg]

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(04-30-2023, 10:00 PM)DanLaw Wrote: GLWS Obie

Thanks, Dan.
Good luck with the sale. I bought an Il Marchese synthetic brush recently, and it's very nice. As a head shaver, the size is great. I can load it up and have enough lather to shave my head and face.

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The white brush is sold.

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