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For sale, Hone Type 15 (formerly Brass) Rhodium Replate by Razor Emporium with original box. Excellent immaculate condition!

$155 shipped CONUS! [Image: 8f67a34b204aba0b719a32ebeb4741e3.jpg][Image: a76038736b91985802d5d3e758a1a78a.jpg][Image: 14a4fc1f1a3f3265d08633ec1499bc25.jpg][Image: 11fa7f91f7a98239f8857dbca8ceb2f3.jpg][Image: 94facc6bb46957d34afb2c999dd61871.jpg][Image: 42e78463d461725323a33fe913abad9a.jpg]

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are you going to respond to anyone's messages? i sent you some.

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(08-30-2023, 01:46 AM)nachum Wrote: are you going to respond to anyone's messages? i sent you some.
The legend says that that's Santa Clause realizing he brought the presents too early . And now doesn't answer to anyone's letter
He just writes from time to time "Sold. Thank you Dfs"
Still ,it's a matter of principle to write a few words to those who are interested in your items

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???? well said bughyjoy81!!

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Looks like this is still available LoL!
Nice, I had the brass Hone and for some strange reason sold it...wish I still had it.....DAGNABBIT!
Now Sold! Thank you DFS!

Will have a mega razor sale forthcoming.

Apologies for the silence, battling Cancer gets in the way sometimes.

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