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Trying to reduce my den before the end of the year and letting some fantastic razors go. Payment via PayPal and price includes US shipping.

Paradigm 17-4: This unobtainable razor has a legendary balance of smoothness and efficiency. Comes with a second top cap from Andy with relaxed threads to allow for aftermarket handles. $550
[Image: 6nqAczu.jpg][Image: pPc3I72.jpg][Image: VYvfM95.jpg]

1st gen Tradere OC: Another legendary razor. Made in the US, very efficient and smooth. $500
[Image: js6buuw.jpg][Image: FoFVyQJ.jpg][Image: o1SiGBx.jpg]

1st gen #15 Aristocrat: This one was made for the Aussie market. Case is in very good condition and includes blade bank. Razor is in excellent condition. $150
[Image: v8qZ5nf.jpg][Image: sULlu6q.jpg][Image: tkgro8t.jpg]
#44 British RFB - 3 piece RFB in very good used condition. No bent teeth. Tarnished, but will take polish. $75
[Image: 179pfrA.jpg][Image: JNwVztA.jpg]

Timeless set - Polished SS. 85mm barberpole handle, scalloped top cap,0.68 scalloped baseplate, 0.95 dual comb baseplate, inkwell stand. Would be $355 for scratch/dent at Timeless. Selling for $275

[Image: 8Sr3dk6.jpg][Image: k42O93S.jpg]

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#15 SOLD
17-4 SOLD
Price reduction on remaining items:

Tradere - $450
Timeless set - $250
Tradere SOLD.

Timeless remaining!
Last chance on the Timeless - an over $350 value, yours for $200

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