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Prices are shipped. The Barrister and Mann Four Horseman samples and Personna Hair Shaper Blades are free with any purchase. The B&M Balms and Derby City Splash are sold as a lot. Please let me know if you have any questions.

DSCosmetic DZ0 - A Stainless Steel R41 Cloned Head. The head itself is brand new and unused, will come on a Muhle R41 handle. The head was $46 shipped with long wait from China, and the handle was $15. Asking $30 shipped

Ted Pella PTFE blades - I paid $32.85 for 60 blades. Asking $13 shipped for 58 blades

Yaqi 24MM Silvertip Badger Brush. Paid $36 with a wait from China, asking $18 shipped

Derby City Chop Shop, Barrister and Mann Seville, Barrister and Mann Behold the Whatsits. Asking $40 shipped for the lot, see photos for levels. I would love to sell for less, but shipping will be expensive for it due to the weight

[Image: lZrVcHQ.jpg]
[Image: y9suWBq.jpg][Image: ZNLKIe3.jpg][Image: 2I7iuEv.jpg][Image: lyKNZhk.jpg][Image: hF5jnXo.jpg][Image: Y0nMPvP.jpg][Image: RjlReSp.jpg][Image: ZjjOMMD.jpg][Image: fCiL4ea.jpg][Image: rCNFu45.jpg][Image: rUqIjf3.jpg][Image: ye6fGOs.jpg]

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