Barlest , Lourdes France
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For sale :
H&S P0 76 DC copper .Few used.
450 USD.

Charcoal Goods lvl 1 OC brass with magnum handle . 280 USD.
You must add the shipping cost for external of Europe.

Thanks for looking.[Image: YsqBUpW.jpg][Image: gP7BEWe.jpg][Image: Xu8VwqR.jpg][Image: 6v33io7.jpg][Image: SbB3RyD.jpg][Image: hY8hF6Q.jpg][Image: VWCMWbl.jpg]

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Barlest , Lourdes France
Sold pending funds.

Barlest , Lourdes France
The 3 razors are sold.
Thanks DFS and membre.

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