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(Sadly) selling my lightly used P076 to raise funds for a new venture.  This was one of those hand finished by Aji himself, unlike the machine finished, "light polish" ones he is now selling for $400 .  Also has the knurled handle that so many folks like.  New is $600 (if he even sells any hand finished these days) and I'll sell for $425  $380 which includes the case, the blades shown, the H&S cloth, shipping in CONUS, and I'll thrown in the stand I used for it. 

[Image: 3PC5mOV.jpg][Image: K1bSe9N.jpg][Image: vJP1gJP.jpg][Image: rqxWI0X.jpg]

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Bump because I dropped the price.....
Sold pending confirmation and funds.

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