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I’ll I bought this a month or so ago as new old stock , since its been used twice and is in every way perfect as you would expect a brush that has been kept well and unused all these years. I believe this to be an early example from the grey box era and appears to be hand turned or just an entirely different cad file as the shape is radically different from what is offered today. The hair is also very white compared to what is offered currently , extremely dense and soft. The knot is stunning and blooms out extremely large like the old knots did from this era. They don’t make brushes like this anymore and I don’t know of many left in this sort of condition. 

Also included is a tub of Zingari brush cleaner that was used to clean this brush prior to use. The grey box will come along with the brush.

$125 shipped

[Image: qnMigKF.jpg]

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