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lol A few items for sale as I’ve acquired too many new things of late…

Due to the costs of shipping, I’m kindly asking that you purchase two or more items. Prices in USD, shipping included (with the caveat above). 

Take remaining items for $165 USD shipped.

Aluminum Overlander: $75
Aluminum Tritok Concave R52: $55
Trotter Handcrafts Portal with T1 Manchurian knot, used less than 10 times: $109

Grooming Dept. Luxury, unused: $25
Grooming Dept. Ousia, unused: $25
B&M Passiflora Set, unused: $25

[Image: ivpLDXS.jpg][Image: kKniziU.jpg][Image: n5cYaU3.jpg][Image: NA4djfz.jpg][Image: 8iSz1iE.jpg][Image: bLYcwfA.jpg][Image: y2v4M88.jpg][Image: uF9pbYv.jpg][Image: Bh3xIaZ.jpg]P

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Seattle, WA (USA)
Where are you shipping from?
(06-25-2023, 03:28 AM)draebeard Wrote: Where are you shipping from?

Bump. Remaining items (razor, great brush, 2 soaps, aftershave) shipped for 165.

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