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Just moving some things that I don't use to raise some funds to buy more stuff I don't need. You know the hobby!

A nice user grade 1960 F1 dated Gillette Fatboy. Everything works fine even last 1/4 twist to lock. I just use the Slim version more often

Wet shaving club Winning Razor. This is a nice heavy all stainless razor that I thought might be a stainless version of the Henson but it doesnt feel like it to me. I only used it once. It has a raw machine finished look as it was delivered to me from WSC. Has magnet in handle. More details on this razor can be found on WetShavingClub

over 300 DE blades that I don't use.
Bulk box of ~245 Personna Blue blades I bought from Ebay (was 250 and I used about 4 or 5 blades)
There are 70 Gillette Perma-sharp blades. Packaging is a bit rough

I would prefer to sell all as a lot for convenience. price is $90 shipped in the US paid via paypal. Stirling soap NOT included. Just used as prop to hold items

[Image: 76-A589-A6-8597-4840-90-C7-1-ADAA949775-F.jpg]
[Image: 1346-B6-FE-7-A0-E-41-CF-BCA1-0-A51-C99-CA5-E6.jpg]
[Image: EDBA438-E-E085-45-FE-AADC-6-B1-B8-E152-F85.jpg]
[Image: 252-C2-E1-E-C4-EB-428-C-A851-D63433277051.jpg]
[Image: 5-F96-E63-D-1-EC8-4753-BAD7-0-AF8-C2-C4-E3-BB.jpg]
[Image: 9-E210-DE1-08-A9-4793-AE25-F12-F9548805-B.jpg]
[Image: 4-D8-B3684-5310-4920-AF83-BE9758-CD5-D75.jpg]

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Good price.


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