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Timeless titanium razor with scalloped top cap and base plate. Has a .95 blade gap. This razor is in excellent condition. It does not come with a box, only what you see pictured.

$180 shipped CONUS only.[Image: 192ba7d8cb1c0a1b878b4a776410ab5c.jpg][Image: 275d4210bc8ffd10cfb70cef4071937b.jpg][Image: d4c4bf62267c1bcb00d4e5a951050cb0.jpg][Image: 374b1b862234ffe12ae5d449c625162f.jpg][Image: 062c39685f08802a033b2e758b049ced.jpg][Image: 89fabf2781b02cd466e28bb7b1168193.jpg][Image: 74b09a8b8a410d2efc3be78bcc20394a.jpg][Image: aa51a3ae8530b75fb83dbd9d6f1a9fb4.jpg]

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(03-31-2019, 03:07 AM)keto Wrote: I don't suppose you are into trading on a Gibbs adjustable?
Sorry but no.

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