Chester County, PA
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The lot, everything seen in these posts - 225 dollars.  

Anyone who is a Schick fan knows the Type O is impossible to find. I value it at 150 dollars - has blank in it, I never used it, bought it from a collector as part of a huge lot.   

Stick Schick - excellent condition valued at 30 dollars

Revere very good to excellent - 50 dollars

Olympic - card is beat up but I bought it as new from a collector, believe it’s still new 75-100 dollars 

Type N’s good and ok condition.  30 dollars for the pair - don’t know exactly what they are. 

Japan Twin Blades - famous for 40-50 shaves in a type M or Type O - 23 dollars

This is a good deal.  If you want me to break it it up, you see the prices and add 5 dollars for shipping.  

If I have some of the names wrong - I apologize.  I did all of this buying for a few razors, but the pictures are exactly what you are buying even if I names them incorrectly. 

Full lot 225 shipped, USPS to a US or military base address. 

Thank you!

Type O

[Image: 3HVSyFS.jpg][Image: d1cV0v5.jpg][Image: 85auR8Y.jpg]

Stick Schick

[Image: VWkVbvl.jpg][Image: IO48Ddu.jpg][Image: RnPlvlr.jpg]


[Image: 2Nq9gXt.jpg][Image: BEUzdq7.jpg][Image: wh0BQFB.jpg]


[Image: E68TEFP.jpg]

Type N (2 of them)

[Image: zSLROed.jpg][Image: a8AgOoq.jpg][Image: 5YOcrmM.jpg]

Japanese Twins (sealed)

[Image: YgygXsO.jpg]

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that "O" is calling me. Best wishes on the sale !

The N1's are great shavers and take a Twin Injector Blade too !

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Incredibly tempting.

Chester County, PA
Guys, I have to go to the post office today anyhow.  

Without blades lot goes for 175.  With blades 195.  

Just try to find a Type O… and I mean it. 

If you are a moderator on here take an additional 25 off for your hard work.  


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