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FS: Mongoose Stainless Razor                    Final Price drop: $110 Shipped ConUS Paypal Only
Bought from Maggards 03/28/2016
Stainless Version
Razor is in Perfect Condition
Box has a scratch/dent
Razor has approximately 40 shaves on it      $110 Shipped ConUS Paypal Only please

This is a great razor and I really like it. I just like my GEM Clog Pruf more. I think it might be that the GEM blades really agree with my beard. I'm a minimalist not a collector, so as nice as this razor is, it has to go.

[Image: qTauHbC.jpg]
[Image: XdSpmhs.jpg]
[Image: XyatRdS.jpg]
[Image: Qaq0fiR.jpg]
[Image: dZRp1bA.jpg]
Dropped Price to $120

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I guess I had bad timing, everyone's trying the new SE options
OK guys final price drop: $110 Shipped ConUS Paypal Only
Great price

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