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I have a near mint condition Merkur Progress with custom knob for for $60 US Shipping and Paypal fees included.[Image: 344697a1c1b562885578bd15b3dadd0b.jpg][Image: 6f49b47e3414be15012e8548641ba65d.jpg][Image: ca4ff5d62c7d1666bb7ab6c7c0686cd9.jpg][Image: 7e81e637ca1d83e204779fb8796c51ec.jpg][Image: 355aa7037a2493e6226c84756d78cd0a.jpg][Image: 7750183b5925cc38152c2d0e402ba366.jpg][Image: c50706a659e94ea440d540ed8c64543b.jpg][Image: fe4d5cbbc0eb8511e50ba2829c59cfb0.jpg]

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How about $50.

Williamsburg, KY
What material is the knob please?
I think it is high density plastic. I got it in a lot and the seller spent $25 to have this custom knob installed. It looks and feels stronger than the oem knob.

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Williamsburg, KY
I'll take it, pm sent
Sold pending funds. Thanks DFS!

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Sold, Admins please archive. Thanks!

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