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Looking to sell this beautiful Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple. This is a second generation JMP. Excellent condition with little to no hone wear. Gold wash intact. The blade closes center. The only minor issue is the blade is a little tight. Closes and opens all the way, but I'm just nit picking at this point. Freshly honed on a Jnat and shave ready to my standards. Measures 13/16" Full Hollow. Sings beautifully while shaving. 

Asking $230  NOW $200 Last price drop to $180 shipped CONUS

Open to trades/partial trades+cash. Tanifuji in 13/16 (especially Spalding), MdC, Webers, Ikon OSS, Gillettes in Excellent condition, 3 band Silvertips

If you need more pics, just ask. 

More pictures. The "V" line in the scales is a reflection. 

[Image: FmMfecQ.jpg]
[Image: zuMqTY5.jpg]
[Image: ZBh6XTL.jpg]
[Image: ZdlHmUD.jpg]
[Image: yO3ILrl.jpg]
[Image: qAdRrKI.jpg]
[Image: CZ5CNst.jpg]

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Added more pictures.
Bump with price drop.

Now $200.
Last price drop. $180 shipped CONUS.

Open to trades/partial trades+cash.
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