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I acquired this Alumnigoose via trade with a member here sometime ago.  I then purchased a SS Mongoose and prefer the heavier head of that razor so am letting this one go.  

At the moment I would be open to trading for a King Cobra or One Blade - of course I'd have to add items and/or cash to the trade to even things out.

Edit:  This razor and handle combo was purchased by another member for apx $175.  I traded fragrance decants valued at apx $200 for the razor and handle combo pictured here.  A member kindly informed me that  the purchase price of the V1 was $79 and estimated that the handle was valued @ $60 but I have no way of verifying this.

As the V1 head is out of production and I only want to trade these as a set. I would like to value this for the amount it was purchased for or $175 towards a trade.

EDIT #2:  I'd still prefer to trade this, but will sell this for $140 shipped.

[Image: dzoh2qQ.jpg]
And another pic with the handle:

[Image: J2dGcew.jpg]
Updated with purchase option for $140 shipped.

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Who made the handle?
(04-07-2016, 01:19 PM)slantman Wrote: Who made the handle?

No idea. I traded for the handle and head who purchased them from a member of another forum. That thread does not specify the maker of the wave handle. The handle feels quite heavy - there is nothing wrong with it, I just am not a fan of wave handles.

Please PM me if you'd like a link to the original thread.
This handle is from Mongoose Razors and is called the Farnsy Wave. They only made a few of these available for sale IIRC.
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