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WTS ATT S1 with Kronos handle. $155 shipped. 2015 date stamp. Comes with original box (not pictred). It's a great razor, one of the best I've ever used, but I've decided to let it go since I don't reach for it as often. In great condition, there are marks on bottom of the plate where handle screws in, otherwise, no marks or scratches. I have a few upcoming purchases that I'm trying to fund, so I'm not interested in trades at this time. Please comment if you send pm.[Image: ec03023d7e5b9af9096ce19999bf3936.jpg][Image: 17878612b054ce0116acb4b2b23a2a7c.jpg][Image: 4f6f07c4ef6460f70c9457c6f8620612.jpg][Image: abecf80d731b9971b98424019da7c28e.jpg][Image: a48422df07398c92c170f689b6441c36.jpg]

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