Metro Detroit
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I have decided to sell my 1959 Fatboy, since it has been surpassed by my Merkur Futur. The FB is an excellent shaver, but the plating is not perfect - one small spot on each side.
I'd like to get $45 shipped CONUS. I will ship international and we can discuss the cost.
PayPal only.
[Image: 5f7fb9c0ef83ec5b33cb7561a8c5438c.jpg]
[Image: ba2bd493b1b6c00c1aed9c4e8b2b58d5.jpg]
[Image: 97b2d2f9bb5fe8b33f7333cb88cf3582.jpg]
[Image: 6d866817adf38cf9953974e646b47195.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
Sold pending funds

The Dude Abides
For those who have never used a fatboy, I have one of these (same year) and it's a fantastic shaver.

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