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This is the third time I'm BST-ing a set of decanted/sample fragrances. The last two sold almost immediately. This is a slightly larger set and a very slight increase in price. All good stuff and a nice selection of different scent families. To repeat what I said before: over the last few months, wet shaving has led me to do a dive into fragrances. I quickly learned that simply going to a department store doesn’t work as your nose gets burnt out so quickly. Rather, if you want to really learn what’s out there and what you might like, you need to get decants. So, I’ve bought a lot of decants/samples of top-quality fragrances for guys, including some of the most popular scents and houses these days -- Roja Dove, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Louis Vuitton, Xerjoff, Nishane. Time now to clear them and someone else can have the fun of trying them all. So, here are sixteen that I’ll sell for $48 CONUS postage paid. That’s $3 a sample, which is a fraction of what I paid, and what is here is more than $3,000 worth of EDT/EDPs. All the samples are at least half filled and almost all have well more than that, which means a large number of spritzes remain for each (except for the Roja Dove De La Nuit No. 3 and the Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime, both of which have about two spritzes left).

What’s here:

Roja Dove - Apex
Roja Dove - Enigma
Louis Vuitton - Orage
Louis Vuitton - Meteore
Louis Vuitton - Fleur du Desert
MFK - Gentle Fluidity (Silver)
Kerosene - Followed
Kennth Cole - Mankind
Goldfield & Banks - Bohemian Lime
Goldfield & Banks - Pacific Rock Moss
Vibrato - Sospiro
Xerjoff - Alexander III
Nishane - Hacivat
Floris - No. 89
Roja Dove - De La Nuit 3
Phlur - Tangerine Boy

[Image: KxyidYX.jpg]

[Image: MaZTcrj.jpg]

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