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Trying a different kind of den clearance.  Over the last few months, wet shaving has led me to do a dive into fragrances. I quickly learned that simply going to a department store doesn’t work as your nose gets burnt out so quickly.  Rather, if you want to really learn what’s out there and what you might like, you need to get decants.  So, I’ve bought a lot of decants of top-quality fragrances for guys.  Time now to clear them.  So, here’s a bakers’ dozen that I’ll sell for $40 CONUS postage paid. That’s $3 a sample, which is a fraction of what I paid, and what is here is more than $2500 worth of EDT/EDPs.  These are all popular, highly rated fragrances.  A nice selection of styles and moods.  All the samples are at least half filled and most have well more than that, which means a number of spritzes remain for each (the LV Nouveau Monde is unused). Any takers?

What’s here:

Monsieur- Pierre Guillaume
Clandestine Clara - Penhaligon's
Unknown Pleasures – Kerosene
Replica - Jazz Club - Maison Margiela
Fougère Royale – Houbigant
Nouveau Monde – Louis Vuitton
Oceania – Roja Parfums
Escale en Indonésie - Les Indémodables
Gris Charnel – BDK
Wonderwood – Comme des Garcons
Scandal – Roja Parfums
XJ 1861 Renaissance – Xerjoff
The Noir 29 – Le Labo

[Image: q2UFpIZ.jpg]
[Image: v9c6ddq.jpg]

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PM sent.

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