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I will be moving in the near future so I want to start reducing my gear some more. These are all great scents and these are all back ups. I realized with my current rotation that I’ll never be able to get through them all. These are all authentic and I can take more pics if needed. Have all boxes. Payment through PayPal and shipping is conus only. Thanks for looking.

Creed Green Irish Tweed 100ml, lot C3219P01 [NEW] = $150 shipped **SOLD for $140 **
Creed Original Santal 100ml, lot A4118F01 [NEW] = $150 shipped **SOLD**
Creed Viking 100ml, lot A2618B01 [NEW] = $150 shipped  ** SOLD **
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino 100ml, lot A89  19247 [NEW] = $125 shipped **SOLD**
Tom Ford Santal Blush 50ml, lot A79  19236 [1 spray] = $80 shipped **SOLD**

[Image: vpjhr15.jpg]

[Image: 1E8hMd2.jpg]

[Image: Nh7iWwe.jpg]

[Image: YONacG4.jpg]

[Image: 8JBjvaM.jpg]

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Nice stuff!

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Wow! These are some excellent prices on some great fragrances!!

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You can’t beat these prices. I wish I had saw this in time to buy the Viking.

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Just the Green Irish Tweed left!

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