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Hello Everyone,

I didn't find out about Barrister and Mann products until last month.  There are some scents that I would like to try but are currently not being made.  I would like to buy or to trade for your new or lightly used soaps if you have them and are willing to let them go.

Send me a PM if you are interested.


The Scents

Le Grand Chypre Soap & Aftershave
Fougère Aromatique
Fougère Imperiale

Some of what I have to offer for Trade:

NOS Ralph Lauren Safari Shave Soap (Tallow)
[Image: 1YsFxwP.jpg]

NOS Floris JF Shave Soap & Bowl (Potassium Palmate) - Still in shrink wrap
[Image: 2t8rxvZ.jpg]

New D.R. Harris Almond Refill Puck
[Image: tUCCtvl.jpg]

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Are you fairly new to wet-shaving? I'm surprised you hadn't heard about B&M if not. Good luck on finding those scents. I've seen the Fougeres posted a few times in the BSTs.

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